Wade Park: A $2 Billion Reminder to Beware the Sure Thing

In an area of opportunity such as Dallas, you’re always going to have some chances taken that don’t pan out. Wade Park appears to be firmly in that category.As failing developments go, it doesn’t get much bigger. Thomas Land & Development, an Atlanta-based organization,...

Why Gibson Guitars’ Risky Moves Lead to Bankruptcy

Gibson Guitars recently joined the ranks of century-old companies to learn all too quickly new technologies without a proper strategy can kill you. Long known for its guitar work that has drawn the attention and embrace from some of the music industry’s finest...

Credit Insurance: What to Do When a Big Client Won’t Pay

The epic fall of iHeartMedia and Toys R Us have taught business vendors no company is too big to fail. Don’t assume your risk factors are low because you have an account receivable that’s a household name.   Take Toys R Us Started by the late Charles...

Why Remington Guns Went Bankrupt

Gun manufacturer Remington has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The move caps off years of declining sales and mismanagement. To elaborate, Remington’s debts have expanded in the last 11 years to $950 million from $252 million in 2007.

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