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Property and casualty insurance is insurance that protects against property losses to your business, home or car and/or against legal liability that may result from injury or damage to the property of others. Our products include primary casualty, global umbrella & excess liability; complex claims, loss portfolio transactions, collateral & excess workers’ compensation.

We work with many markets to match the appropriate product with the specific carrier. The end goal is to make insurance easy to understand and be your broker that is easy to work with.

Why the Need for Property & Casualty Insurance Coverage?

Every business—from manufacturing units, service sector enterprises, and even farms and ranches—must own or lease one or multiple properties for its basic operations. While online marketing and selling may have become popular, even e-commerce ventures require office space for manufacturing, administration, inventory storage, delivery of products, etc.

Further, businesses require various other assets like plant and machinery, office equipment, automobiles, etc for the smooth and efficient functioning of the enterprise. Together, property and business assets form the core of any commercial organization. You will require a commercial property & casualty insurance plan to protect your valuable business properties.

What Commercial Property & Casualty Insurance Covers

Office buildings, warehouses, ranches, factory work floor, and other buildings and offices must be protected from fire, water damage, structural damage leading to stability issues, and even damage caused by excessive accumulation of snow or ice.

An office filled with electronic equipment, numerous files, wooden furniture and other inflammable materials can suffer a lot of damage in the event of a fire accident. A major fire may result in damage to the structure itself. A warehouse filled with raw materials or finished products to be dispatched for delivery represents a significant store of precious capital. Loss due to fire can be a staggering blow for your business.

Further, such assets are also at risk of water damage due to cracked pipes or even sprinkle damage. Water can be as devastating as fire since it too can lead to weakening of the structure as a whole.

Finally, your business will require protection against theft as well. While immovable properties are safe from theft, the same cannot be said for all movable business assets like computers, furniture, fixtures, etc. Unlike personal assets, theft of business assets can result in business disruptions, loss of credibility, and even liability claims due to loss of private and confidential information of your clients.

No business can afford to bear such risks without the protection offered by a comprehensive commercial property & casualty insurance policy.

The right commercial property & casualty insurance will be a fantastic investment for your business. To learn more about this coverage along with additional options like Primary Casualty, Global Umbrella & Excess Liability, Complex Claims, Loss Portfolio Transactions Collateral, and Excess Workers’ Compensation, just contact us over the phone or drop us an email and we will get back to you with the necessary details.

Need a Little More Help Identifying the Right Commercial Property & Casualty Insurance Coverage for You?

There are different types of coverage options you should consider before finalizing the plan. A basic plan will cover fire and storm damage while a broader plan will include structural damage and collapse, water damage caused by internal plumbing, and snow, sleet, or ice damage as well.

The third option is one that covers all perils except for those specifically excluded. Such plans normally don’t cover act of god, terrorism damage, and flood and earthquake damage. You can modify the plan further and include flood insurance by buying a separate policy for the same.

For business assets, you can choose property coverage that secures all movable assets and equipment. Such cover normally includes protection against theft as well. You can also opt for Electronic Data Processing cover that covers your virtual networks against hacking attempts, virus attacks, and even power surges.

Another useful coverage option is one where you will be compensated for the disruption or interruption in your business operations due to any peril covered under the policy. Theft of computers or flooding in your office will make it impossible for you to continue your routine operations. This feature will help minimize the financial impact of such disruptions. Further, this will free you from rushing through the repair process just to get your business back in the market. Contact us to learn more about getting covered.

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