Leykell Insurance

Commercial & Credit Insurance

Leykell Insurance provides commercial and credit insurance. We help companies protect their accounts receivable against insolvencies. We assist companies with financing export/domestic receivables. We help companies grow their business by leveraging credit insurance. Let’s talk about your business.

Leykell Insurance

Alan Wiethorn

President, Leykell Insurance

Licensed Insurance Agent | Trade Credit Insurance Expert
Commercial and Credit Insurance

Leykell Insurance

Cory Watson

Senior Vice President, Leykell Insurance

Cory Watson is the Senior Vice President of Leykell Insurance where he runs the Trade Credit Division. This includes acquiring new clients, team hiring and development, training, carrier relations and support. He utilizes his extensive experience in risk management, cost reduction, export risk, A/R protection, finance and supply chain solutions. He serves on the board of Trade Advance Partners (T.A.P.)

Prior to joining Leykell Insurance, Cory spent 10 years with Euler Hermes, the largest and oldest credit insurer in the world. As a top selling producer, he developed and managed the largest portfolio in Texas. This included various industries, including oil/gas, natural stone, commodities, life sciences, chemicals, technology services and more. He is a prominent speaker at many trade related events and banking functions. Cory is an expert in credit insurance, risk mitigation and financing solutions.

A 2002 graduate of Texas Tech University with a bachelors degree in Marketing and Finance, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, playing golf, and drinking good wine.

Leykell Insurance

Katy Seedorf

Vice President – Property & Casualty, Leykell Insurance
Leykell Insurance

Andrea Watson

Finance Director, Leykell Insurance
Leykell Insurance

Steve Ridgway

Insurance Broker, Leykell Insurance

Leykell Insurance

Jeff Robinson

Oil/Gas Policy Support Analyst, Leykell Insurance
Leykell Insurance

Anna Hecht

Account Manager, Leykell Insurance

Commercial and Credit Insurance

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